I thought it would be useful to have a page where you can find all the resources I am using day after day to build the projects you can find on this website. This include all the hardware, books, courses and other resources that I am using to make my home automation projects. I recommend that you bookmark this page so you can have a quick reference for your own projects. Let’s dive in!

A quick disclaimer: some of the links that are contained in this page are affiliate links. Following them means no additional costs for you, and that I will earn a commission if you are purchasing some of these products. I have tested all the products of this page myself, and I won’t recommend them if I didn’t think they are great and will help you for your projects.

The framework that I developed to easily control all my projects. Using aREST, you will be able to control your Arduino, Raspberry Pi or ESP8266 projects in no time, wether it is from your local network or from the cloud!