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Open-Source Hardware Product Creation

The main aim of technology is to make life easier. That is why it is applied in many areas of our lives. The use of gadgets is one of the ways through which we get to enjoy the fruits of technological advancement. Unlike in the past, a huge percentage of the gadgets we use today […]

6 Arduino Robot Kits Reviewed

When people hear the word robot, they often think of the future. What many of them don’t know, is that robots play a very important role in manufacturing processes today. Some of their applications include handling operations, welding, processing, dispensing and assembly among several other things. Their application in day to day life is not […]

How Can Open Source Hardware Revolutionise Healthcare

Nowadays, technological advancement in most sectors can be attributed to open source hardware and software platforms. Through these platforms, programmers and engineers have been able to learn and improve on already existing technology, drastically reducing the time it takes to develop new devices with advanced capabilities. For some time, open source hardware (OSHW) was somewhat […]

Review of Open-Source Healthcare Platforms & Sensors

When you think about healthcare, the first thing that comes to mind is a doctor with a stethoscope hanging around his or her neck. The first advice you get from your friends whenever you mention your health is, ‘go to hospital’ or ‘go see a doctor’. This is good advice. However, wouldn’t it be great […]

5 Ways to Make Money with Open-Source Hardware

The main question that usually comes up when starting an open-source hardware business is the following: how am I going to make money with it ? Indeed, open-source hardware is commonly associated with the idea of everything being free. And this seems to be in total contradiction with the idea of running a profitable business. Of […]

Comparison of Internet of Things Platforms for Prototyping

Technology has played a huge role in increasing efficiency in the work place, improving living conditions at home, monitoring health and environmental conditions and saving energy and natural resources. This has been made possible through continuous development of sensing and actuation devices. Due to the huge data handling requirements of these devices, the need for […]

Build a Physical Bitcoin Ticker With the ESP8266

The Internet of Things can be used in many applications. For instance, in this project, we are going to use ESP8266 to venture a little bit into the Bitcoin industry. The project we will be looking at will involve getting real-time prices of Bitcoin and displaying the prices on an OLED screen. We’ll also add […]

Build a WiFi Controlled Robot with the ESP8266

Building your own mobile robot is becoming easier and easier, thanks to excellent ready-to-use robotic platforms. A good example of such platform is the Adafruit Mini Robot Chassis kit, which comes with a nice robot chassis, two servo motors with wheels and a support-wheel. This makes it the perfect base for all your mobile robot projects. On the […]